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Hand-Poured / Clean Ingredients / Luxury Materials

Each and every TCM candle is meticulously handcrafted with a mission in mind: to create an aromatic oasis that not only tantalizes your senses but also embraces your well-being. Our candles are thoughtfully designed using sustainable ingredients, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence for you and our precious planet. It's time to light up your world with wellness, one irresistible scent at a time!

Our mission is to revolutionize your candle experience by offering distinctive and elevated scents accompanied by modern, eye-catching design that will add a touch of brilliance to your space. Bid farewell to ordinary fragrances and traditional candle aesthetics, as we bring you a whole new level of candles.

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My favorite candles of all time. They smell amazing, look beautiful in my home and I don't have to worry about harmful ingredients.

Morgan B.


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